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LuTSA is back, bigger than ever with our Pre-Midterm JAM of the term for WATERLOO AND LAURIER Students★WHY THIS KOLAVERI★- Wednesday January 29th, 2014- FRED NICHOLS (above the concourse), TURRET NIGHTCLUB - DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 PM- DOORS CLOSE AT 10:30PM Dress Code: DRESS TO IMPRESS. Avoid street wear.**Please note that this is a DRY event**THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL AGES FOR WATERLOO & LAURIER STUDENTS!!!! *******BLACK LIST IS IN FULL EFFECT*********Also note: If you show up or seem under the influence what so ever, you will be kicked out and NOT ABLE TO COME BACK IN. These are school policies and we will not tolerate this behaviour. **NON-UW/WLU students will be permitted to attend our event UNDER the following conditions apply**: - Must NOT be on the Inter-TSA Blacklist- Must be signed in by a Waterloo OR Laurier student ($10)- Must bring a HEALTH CARD or DRIVERS LICENSE Early Bird Price (ONLY 50) - $8Regular Tickets - $10At Door - $12
Ain’t nobody gonna come clutch more. 
Warriors! Golden Hawks!WATSA’s 4 on 4 Basketball Tournament is back. - FRI, JUNE 14, 2013- Columbia Ice Field (CIF), University of Waterloo- 1:00 PM - 4:00 PMJoin us for an event full of competition as you contend against fellow warriors and golden hawks!
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DUE TO RAINY CONDITIONS: Freezies Day will be carried out to THURSDAY, MAY 30th! Warriors! We apologize for any inconveniences that may’ve caused you.

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The WaTSA JOKER presents…FREEZIES DAY on Tuesday, May 28th 2013!Warriors, come out to the SLC Vendor Alley from 12PM - 3PM and cool off from these hot summer days. Purchase JUMBO freezes for only a $1 each!

Anonymous said: This may come off as completely awkward (because I have questions about life at LaurierU) but since both universities are side by side, how would you say life is for both as a TSA group? I've applied to Laurier and I'm anxious to know how life is there and around the area!

Not at all! Life for both TSA groups are more similar than different actually only because WaTSA (Waterloo’s TSA) and LUTSA (Laurier’s TSA) work together many of the times for events on-campus especially socials. With that being said, Laurier students are also welcome to attend WaTSA events and vice-versa! Being anxious is only natural as you’re about to enter first year, but once you get settled in, you’ll really start enjoying your time here. Be sure to look out for events in the Fall (2013) for your opportunity to get involved and receive any support that you would need! 

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CLUBS DAY - MAY 16th & 17th @ SLC GREAT HALL. 
It’s registration time Warriors!
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